A Funny Thing Happened On the way to the Blog

I’ve missed a lot.   Charlie Crist did the right thing today in Florida and proved that just as not all Democrats are on our side, all Republicans are not the devil incarnate.  In Washington DC, there have been some very funny things going on with the books.  I haven’t covered either of these because election season has come to the Chicago Teacher’s Union and I’m running with CORE.   Ron Huberman and his cronies have been using faulty books and fake math to drum up a budget crisis in order to get teacher’s to make concessions while still claiming hefty raises for themselves.

Something has to be done and I’m absolutely certain that CORE is the best hope for the teachers and students of Chicago.   There’s a mentality that has gotten into several teacher’s unions like the City of Chicago that the way to change things is to send in your union dues and endorse and contribute to politicians.  That gets us nowhere.   We’ve endorsed some of the very politicians who have passed the worst legislation against us.   CORE is decidedly more active.  We saved Chicago schools by speaking, picketing, protesting, and supporting parents.  I personally took a personal day to speak at the Board of Education to stop turnarounds.  I was nervous, but also really proud to have exercised my rights.

There’s a war against teachers going on nationwide.   I’m willing to do my part in Chicago and I hope other teachers that agree with me will do what they can in their cities.  Democrat doesn’t necessarily mean progressive and progressives are what we need right now.   There’s a lot to do and we’re on a short timetable.   There is hope though and to paraphrase a President that I want to believe in despite his insistence of governing like a moderate Republican, “we are the change we have been waiting for.”  Teachers need to be included in education reform decision making and not simply dictated to.      This blog is not dead, just don’t expect a ton of activity for the next month.

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2 Comments on “A Funny Thing Happened On the way to the Blog”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    You go, boy! 🙂 Sometimes backing politicians works. But when big changed are needed, you’re right. We’ve got to back the best politicians we can find and then push push push them from the outside.

  2. thatsrightnate Says:

    Thanks Suzanne!

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