CORE Wins!

After an election on may 21st that saw CORE and UPC each take about 1/3 of the Chicago Teachers Union votes, it all came down to a runoff between CTU and CORE on this past Friday, June 11th. The result was a resounding CORE victory 60% to 40%. For me personally, it means I will be a delegate to the AFT convention and one of 17 elementary school advisers to the union. To the teachers, parents, and students of Chicago I believe it means hope.

The Chicago Public Schools waited until after all the teachers had voted Friday to announce an emergency board meeting for this coming Tuesday. The purpose of that meeting is to clear the way to be able to fire 3,000 teachers in a cost cutting move. The 3,000 teachers won’t find out until the middle of July for the most part, after virtually all teaching jobs are filled. They will then have until September to find a job or lose all seniority, cutting their pay drastically and taking away their tenure. Meanwhile, the children of Chicago can look forward to classes of 35 next year. CORE is taking over in the middle of a crisis and that kind of sucks, but there is nobody I’d rather have lead us through a crisis.

Teachers are going to need to mobilize and that’s difficult. Nobody signed up to teach to be a labor agitator, but unfortunately, we can’t do the job we love unless we do.

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3 Comments on “CORE Wins!”

  1. Five To Go Says:

    I’m glad to see Chicago teachers fighting for their jobs. I am a DC Public School teacher, and we are also in a major fight with our mayor, Fenty, and Michelle Rhee. These are two of the worst so-called leaders of public education. Fight On!

  2. Congratulations to Core. I am happy to hear of their win. We are fighting here in DC to hold our Washington Teachers’ Union elections. Our current president, George Parker is refusing to hold our elections which were supposed to be conducted in May. When AFT Prez Randi Weingarten intervened and changed the election schedule to June- the current president has now pushed back elections to November.

    I am running as the WTU VP on our slate. I hope you will tune into The Washington Teacher blog to stay tuned to what’s happening here in DC @

    I will add your blog to my links. Hope you will add mine. ;–)

    Candi Peterson
    (AKA The Washington Teacher)

  3. thatsrightnate Says:

    Hey Candi and Five to Go–I’ve heard about what Randi Weingarten did in DC. I am a delegate to the AFT convention on July 7th and we definitely need to get the national AFT house in order. That’s for sure. Good luck on the election—we’ll be watching.

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